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Sidsjö-Böle IF

Sidsjö-Böle IF was one of 40 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during GIF Sundsvall Cup 2019. They participated with two teams in Pojkar 13 (född 2006) and Pojkar 14 (född 2005) respectively. The team in Pojkar 14 (född 2005) made it to the the 1/4 Final in Slutspel, but lost it against GIF Sundsvall by 1-3.

In addition to this, Sidsjö-Böle IF have participated in GIF Sundsvall Cup before. During GIF Sundsvall Cup 2018, Sidsjö-Böle had three teams playing in Pojkar 13 (född 2005) and Pojkar 14 (född 2004) respectively. The team in Pojkar 14 (född 2004) made it to the the in Gruppspel, but lost it against IFK Timrå by 1-4.

Sidsjö-Böle originates from Sundsvall, which is the same city as where GIF Sundsvall Cup takes place. The area around Sundsvall does also provide 11 additional clubs participating during GIF Sundsvall Cup 2019 (Among others: Kungsnäs FC, Sundsvalls FF, Kubikenborgs IF, IFK Timrå FFF, Selånger FK, Alnö IF, Svartviks IF, IFK Gnarp, Sund IF and GIF Sundsvall).

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